1850 Tournament List - Farsight Enclaves

May 8, 2015 · 0 comments

I know. This is just another list on the internet. Who cares? In this day and age of weekly changing tournament standards, this post might be obsolete in a manner of months, but I'll post it anyways so I can reference it later. I intend to write-up my experiences with this list in our upcoming tournament. Read on if you are curious.

Deep Striking: Tau do it best

May 6, 2015 · 0 comments

I play against opponents who hate Deep Strike. They hate reserves. They hate anything that might possibly roll badly for them. Nothing against those players, that is a valid tactic, especially when you are playing Astra Militarum and can't afford bad reserve rolls. But I believe Tau are among the top races when it comes to deploying from Reserve, and here is why I believe that.
Drop pods are the best. Why haven't Tau duplicated this?

Converting the XV109 Y'vahra


When the Riptide came out, I swore I'd never buy one. It went against the fluff and I thought it was ugly too. Then the R'varna came out and I said, "Well this one looks better, I can get behind that" and then the Y'vahra was released. Oh my. This is how the Riptide should have looked all along.

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